Unit component

Electronically controlled variable-gear-ratio steering


  • The steering gear ratio can be varied according to the vehicle speed, so that a smaller steering angle produces a larger tire steering angle during low-speed travel or parking motions while the steering motion produces a smaller steering angle of the tire during high-speed travel, thereby increasing stability.
  • The function of this product is also used in the automobile collision avoidance support system, steering control at vehicle skid, and lane maintenance support system.

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Variable flow control pump (V.F.C pump)


  • A small solenoid valve installed on the hydraulic pump controls the delivery flow according to the information about the vehicle speed and steering angle.
  • The steering feel improves and the energy saving property improves because the delivery flow is limited when the wheel is not steered.

Steering column


  • Supports energy absorption at tilting and telescopic motions as well as at collision.

Intermediate shafts


  • A linkage shaft between the steering wheel and steering gear needs large torsional rigidity.
  • The gap at the joint and slide is reduced, reserving calmness even during travel on rough terrains.

Power steering pump/Hydraulic hose/Reservoir tank


  • A pump generating a hydraulic power needed for the hydraulic steering system, transmission hose, reservoir tank and other components are provided in an optimized system.