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  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Improve energy consumption efficiency
  • Abundant lifestyle environments
  • Safe, secure and comfortable society

Low friction torque deep groove ball bearing for motors

Higher-efficiency for Motors That Account for a Large Percentage of Domestic Power Consumption

In Japan, it is estimated that the power consumed by industrial motors accounts for around 75 percent of that consumed by the overall industrial sector. With motor manufacturers striving to develop higher-efficiency products, JTEKT has developed a motor bearing which achieves both significantly less torque compared to conventional products and longer service life.

Development of groundbreaking grease that solves opposing issues

In order to improve motor energy efficiency, there is a demand to reduce torque loss of bearings created by friction, etc. At the same time, in order to eliminate the need for maintenance, extending the service life of motors is a major focus. However, the properties required for lower torque and longer life oppose one another, therefore achieving both had been extremely difficult until now.
In order to solve this issue, JTEKT went through a process of trial and error to find a new design. As a result, we elucidated that one of the major causes of torque loss was the agitation resistance of grease, which is sealed inside bearings to reduce the friction between metal components and prevent wear. We engaged in research and development from the approach of analyzing all the way back to the molecular structure of grease, something that had never before been attempted. Consequently, we successfully developed groundbreaking grease that reduces torque loss by around 50 percent and extends bearing life by approximately double compared with conventional products.

Received the 2016 Tribo-Technology Award from the Japanese Society of Tribologists in recognition of the benefits towards significantly lower reduction and quietness.

Improved performance achieved from original ideas and activities

“By being involved in this development project, I really felt that the key to accomplishing great feats was to take an approach that no one has ever thought of before and run with it.” (Tsuda) “One valuable experience I gained from this project was to learn that significant improvement of performance could be achieved through fundamental research. I want to continue pursuing monozukuri that contributes to society.” (Miyake) JTEKT will continue proposing motor bearings using the new grease for application in a broad range of fields, including industrial machinery, home appliances and electric vehicles.
“In our next development project, I want to once again listen to the true voice of the market and leverage JTEKT’s accumulated technologies in order to offer society new values.” (Nishikawa)

The results of tests by industrial motor manufacturers showed that energy efficiency could be improved between 1 and 3 percent merely by using this bearing.