No.1004E 2008Special Issue on Industry-Related Products Development of the GL32J-40P Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Author K. OKADA
Product Development Department, Machine Tools & Mechatronics Division Headquarters
Abstract The GL32J-40P is a cylindrical grinding machine used to grind cylindrical sections of powertrain components such as gears and transmission shafts. It was developed with the aim of being a simple, slim, and low-cost machine that is space-efficient, robust, and highly reliable. Both the JTEKT GC50 and FANUC models are available as standard CNC options, from which customers may choose depending on which enables easier operation. Both the in-house CNC model GC50 and the FANUC CNC are available on this machine and can be selected depending on which model eases operation for that individual customer.
Keyword cylindrical grinder, mission shaft, wheelhead traverse, wheel spindle bearing, center trough, slidebase-mounted auto-sizer
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