No.1004E 2008Special Issue on Industry-Related Products Compact Cylindrical Grinding Machine with CBN Wheels

Author HOUKO CO., LTD.
Abstract CBN wheels are superior in hardness and heat conduction and enable high peripheral speed from the structural side of grinding wheels, so that they bring a great effect for improvement of the productivity and the reduction of tool cost. Due to the larger size of the supplementary equipment including motor for power, main body of equipment and coolant tanks as a grinder, CBN wheels were used mostly for such works with high unit price as camshaft and crankshaft. On the other hand, as for transmission parts and smallsized accessory parts, conventional normal grinding wheels were commonly used for grinding, and expensive CBN wheels were not used so much. Under these circumstances, based on CBN grinding technology and automation technology of truing which HOUKO has cultivated over many years in the field of grinder, we developed a compact cylindrical grinding machine with CBN wheels for the grinding of transmission parts and small-sized accessory parts.
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