No.1012E 2015Industry Related Technologies Special Edition Development of Non-destructive Grinding Burn Detection Technology

Author R. ITO
Advanced Fundamental Research Dept.,Research & Development Headquarters, Doctor of Engineering
Advanced Process Innovation R&D Dept., Research & Development Headquarters
Abstract Nitric acid etching, which is the conventional method used in manufacturing plants to detect grinding burn, has a number of problems, described as follows: (1) detection level varies depending on the operator and the equipment used; (2) the tested pieces must be scrapped as it is a destructive inspection; and (3) outfl ow of defective products cannot be prevented perfectly as 100% inspection cannot be carried out. This study was performed to develop a non-destructive inspection system to detect grinding burn, which can be used to perform quantitative 100% inspection within a production line. For this inspection, an eddy current sensor is selected because of its short measurement time and low cost. In this paper, a new method that simultaneously measures eddy currents of two different frequencies is proposed. This method reduces the misdetection of grinding burn by eliminating the effect of variance in base material. Furthermore, a Grinding Burn Detection System has been prototyped, and it has been confi rmed that quantitative inspection is indeed possible.
Keyword grinding burn, non-destructive inspection, eddy current, retained austenite, magnetic permeability
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